Safe/Comfort Dentistry

Dr. Priscila has built her practice upon the philosophy that advanced dental care can and should be gentle,  Safe and Comfortable. That is why we proudly offers the option of IV sedation to our patients.  Under sedation, you will be unaware of the procedure that is taking place, drifting pleasantly through the entire process in a semi-conscious, sleep-like state. When the sedation wears off, you will feel as though you have just woken up from a peaceful nap, with little or no memory of what transpired. Any discomfort you feel afterwards will be minimal, and your dental work will be finished.

Sedation dentistry is idea for dental phobics, those people for whom just the thought of entering a dentists office is enough to fill them with intense anxiety. It is also perfect for people with busy schedules and little time. Because you are completely relaxed and comfortable during even the most complex dental treatment, Our Dr’s can perform multiple procedures in a matter of hours. In some cases, years of dental work can be completed in one or two office visits.

Virtually any treatment offered at our dental practice can be performed while you are under sedation. Before the procedures, you will undergo a thorough health screening to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate for sedation dentistry. If it is decided that you are, you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy a peaceful, painless dental experience.

NITROUS OXIDE GAS (laughing gas), which is a relaxing air breathed through a nosepiece. It helps to “take the edge off”.

ORAL SEDATION is another option for treating a patient who is a little apprehensive about having dental procedures performed. There are different medications that can be used for oral sedation.

INTRAVENOUS SEDATION, or IV Sedation, is administered directly into the veins of the patient, usually via the arm or the hand, by a specially trained and licensed healthcare provider.

GENERAL ANESTHESIA requires administration by a healthcare professional who is licensed to put patients “to sleep”. An oral surgeon, a dentist who is credentialed in anesthesiology, an anesthesiologist or a nurse practitioner are professionals licensed and trained to safely perform this type of sedation.

The great news about GENERAL ANESTHESIA is that it is usually IDEAL for especially apprehensive patients, as well as patients who would rather have little memory of the procedures. It is usually indicated for special needs patients including those with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, physical or mental handicaps.

COMFORT FOR SPECIAL NEEDS If there is someone in your family with special needs, this type of dentistry could be the answer for your loved one.