Caries/Erosion Prevention

Although there are normal, healthy bacteria in your mouth, there are also unhealthy bacteria driven by a too acid environment in your mouth. Good news! New science can now neutralize these decay causing acids and treat bacterial infections.

Are you at risk?

If you currently have some decay that you are aware of, or if your mouth seems to be a little dry, you are probably at risk.  

Alternatively, a new, one-minute screening test will evaluate the pH in your mouth. And if you are at risk, there is a simple neutralizing protocol you can start right away. Its very similar to your everyday home dental care routine.

How would the neutralizing protocol help you long-term?

This advancement promotes long-term dental health by keeping a healthy smile while preventing cavities. This is a proven way to assess the decay risk in your mouth. The neutralizing protocol will reduce your risk for new decay and help insure treatment of damage already present. The cost of prevention is low compared to the cost of dental treatment needed due to dental decay.

Welcome to the new age of dentistry where the dentist can help you become educated on the newest technology in prevention. Following this program can lead you and your family to decay-free dental checkups!